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Max Khaghan | CEO

MAX KHAGHAN began his love affair with the hospitality business as a young cabana boy at a beachside resort, where he saw firsthand the unmatched joy that a great hotel can bring to all kinds of people. But he wasn’t content working for someone else’s vision, so as an early Airbnb pioneer, he created and managed a string of highly profitable, Brooklyn-chic apartment stays that attracted guests from across the globe.

In this first venture, he refined his eye for detail and grew a passion for designing intentional spaces that give guests experiences to remember. With the success generated from this vision-forward approach, Max’s ambitions grew as he sought out entire hotels and properties to transform into one-of-a-kind destinations.

From New York to Miami to Colorado to Mexico, Max’s creativity and passion have fueled his big-picture mission to make a company that changes the face of the industry.

Daniel Tennant | General Manager

DANIEL TENNANT knows hotels. Since starting out at age fifteen, he’s gained experience with every facet of the business. Daniel believes that true creativity and adaptability means being a systems thinker and pushing the envelope at every step of the hospitality experience.

Whether it's the problem-solving needed on the logistics and administrative end of things, or the curation of unforgettable environments for clients, Daniel is driven by the idea that service and innovation go hand-in-hand. Across all of his roles and ventures, Daniel has managed to put guests first while expertly managing the financial side of operations.

Now, after spending countless hours growing his repertoire while working his way up the ranks at world-famous hotel brands and boutique shops alike, he's ready to blaze his own trail in the industry.

James Khaghan | Chief Risk Officer

After working as a successful mortgage broker at a startup in New York, JAMES KHAGHAN decided to pursue his Master’s in Real Estate Finance at NYU to gain the expertise to move on to bigger projects.

With a mind for problem-solving and an exceptional attention to detail, James is excited to apply his skills in risk management and financial modeling to a new venture he believes in. James takes pride in his ability to run a tight ship and do the behind-the-scenes work that ensures that Aries Living continues to scale without compromising the excellence of their service and uniqueness of their destinations.

He is a dedicated hard-worker who has both the drive and the analytical mind needed to grow a business from the ground-up and ensure profitability and efficiency across all the moving parts that make Aries Living properties tick.  James knows that creativity and practicality can work in tandem, that every vision needs a future-thinking plan to keep it on track.

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