Where modern convenience meets timeless comfort

Hospitality, effortlessly

We’re a family-run owner and operator of hotels that cares about our craft the way only a family-run business knows how.

We know that good vibes and pitch-perfect ambience need immersive environments and dedicated customer service to thrive--but the experience needs to feel seamless, start to finish.

For Aries Living, that means a carefully curated, state-of-the-art digital ecosystem that takes all the hassles out of planning, booking, and concierge services. We believe that to fully experience our destinations and make lifelong memories, you shouldn’t have to sweat the details.

Destinations should tell unforgettable stories

Every detail of your stay should be totally transporting.

Whether it’s bringing the non-stop party of Ibiza to Central Miami, or reviving the class and charms of a New England Inn from another era, there’s an Aries Living experience that’s just waiting to become your personal oasis.

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We’re after a new vision of hospitality that delivers unique, top-of-the-line experiences with the modern convenience that guests expect in today’s world.

Aries Living is a family-run company born out of the idea that guests deserve ease and control during their travels. Our mission is to create spaces that give visitors the freedom to relax, indulge, and truly escape into a haven of comfort.

On top of unparalleled customer service and accommodations, our organization prides itself on a cutting-edge suite of technologies that handles end-to-end logistics for guest-facing operations and internal systems. With all the magic behind the scenes, guests can appreciate every luscious detail of the hand-curated atmospheres that makes Aries Living destinations world-class.

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